Ancient Aphrodisiac: Damiana has been used for centuries as an aphrodisiac

Increases arousal: heightens sexual arousal

Increases stamina: last longer and enjoy it

Preventative: Helps prevent bladder and urinary infections

Rich scent: mild chocolatey scent that is incredibly sensual


Kills Harmful Microorganisms: has antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties

Scent-Free and Safe: I use a steam-deodorized, organic coconut oil, no harmful chemicals that are typical for other oils

Sexy: coconut oil gives a unique, incomparable glide that is great for sex and massage

Low Melting Point: coconut oil melts above 72 degrees, perfect for human bodies 

Coconut Oil



Ancient and Revered: used by many cultures as the “herb of love”

Protective: protects people from negative emotions

Magic: particularly revered herb for sex magic

Sexual Fulfillment: brings added bliss to intimacy


Good Oral: Stevia fights bacteria in the mouth

Unprocessed: most of the stevia in the market in highly processed (i.e. white stevia) and has been banned in some countries due to health concerns. I use fresh, dried leaves and make the extract right here at Hagquarters. Totally safe.

Sugar-Free Sweet: no calories, no sugar, just sweet and delicious