Being Innocent Together

When we are with the non-human world, a dog or a cat or a tree or a stream, we are unguarded and open in ways that are virtually impossible with humans. There isn't anything to figure out or monitor, we just ARE. When we meet a human who is, themselves, like the non-human world, and we become unguarded and open in their presence, the aftermath can be unsavory. Because we so rarely ever can be truly unguarded with humans in a way that is deeply, organically, peacefully connected and without roles of any kind, it can bring up feelings of being slimed, questions of inappropriate intimacy, confusion, trust issues, and more. How can we be in space with one another that is as it is when we are in nature? What do we need, individually and together, to have such intimate, innocent belonging? What must we do, in ourselves, to ensure such spaces remain sacrosanct, even as the many facets of our humanness appear in them? Can we remain innocent in the presence of so many emerging energies? Can we remain innocent with the inevitable intrusions of wounds and conditioning and trauma and personality differences? What must we center in to do so? How do we center in these things together, even as we inevitably undulate within our complexities, issues, and "impurities"? It is rare to meet a human being so centered in a holiness and wholeness and so rooted in the earth and so a part of the web of life that we become unguarded. It can be disorienting and give rise to many of our fears and hurts. Do we ever live in anticipation of such opportunity? Perhaps we should. All of us.

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