Beautifully Real

When I see someone being themselves, like really being who they are, and other people look at them through a comparative lens instead of really seeing them and throwing judgement/shade/hate on them - it feels like hating Life's varied expressions- like hating life. And it's damaging in a sacrilegious kind of way, not just damaging to the individual being judged. I see so many beautiful people who have fought hard against conditioning and being subsumed by this society who have emerged having some shred of realness in them and I think they are courageous and powerful and radiant. Then I see the hatred of Life flung at them by people who value statistical norms and conformity over life itself and it breaks my heart. And that the effect of this on the individual is not just to their ego, but to the essence of who they are and, in fact, the essence of what life is and we, as a society, don't take that as seriously as we should.... It's just layer upon layer of blasphemy.

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