Magical Powders  are one of my favorite things. Once you use them, you will be in love!
* Sprinkle around the outside of your home for a blessing or protection ritual, around your altar, around your bed, across the  

   threshold of a door
* Dress a candle you have carved and oiled for candle spells
* Add to a pouch
* Put on legal papers or money
* Make magical shapes for breaching charms, casting circles, pentagrams, words, infinity signs, faces, any shape you
can dream.
* Dust doorknobs, business cards, windows
* Blow the powders from your hand in the direction of your target while focusing on your intention
* The uses are limited only by your imagination!

All of my powders are environmentally healthy and safe and I use no oils, only ground herbs, so they won’t stain carpets or furniture or clothing. All my formulas are body safe so dust yourself after a bath or shower! These tins are huge with a generous amount of Dust for your ritual needs.