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Since beginning my sessions with the Hag, I’ve had family and friends tell me that I am glowing and I genuinely seem healthier; I’ve had multiple people ask me for her contact information because they know my healing with Sadee’s skills is the “real deal. There are very few people in my life, if any, who I feel can truly see me for who I was, who I am, and who I am working towards becoming — her presence in my life is truly a gift."

Rhiannon Hasenauer

Once Upon a Time...

Hags were valued, if mysterious, members of the community. But do you know why they are called Hags? Both the English “hag” and the German “hexe” derive from hae meaning “hedgerow”.
You see, once the land was dense with forest and settlers had to clear little areas for their homes. The border between their tamed land and the wild land was where a hedge developed – a threshold between the wilderness and the settlement, the feral and the tame, between spirit and human.
Ladies of the Hedge, or Hags as they came to be called, were, and are, women who spend their time in the hedge, at this threshold, gaining spiritual knowledge and cultivating spirit relationships.
A Hag, like the hedge, is a woman who lives at the edge of society – a woman who is both wild and wise.
A Hag is a teacher, healer, diviner, and source of wisdom.
Every Hag is different but each one holds secrets and power they will share to help others when they choose