Custom Flower Potions are wonderful on their own or coupled with any healing path you are on. There are no contraindications and they are safe for children, the aged, the ill, animals, plants, everyone.
What we do is have a conversation. I listen deeply, ask questions, find patterns, connect with the flowers and ask who wants to work with you and listen to their wisdom.

Then I put your first formula together.

It takes one to three bottles to get things to start to shift.

Usually what happens is the first formula seems great then just sucks as all your crap surfaces to clear. The second formula deepens and you just kind of start to open. The third formula starts to bring profound alignment.

And so on.
Sometimes you can go through all these stages with just one bottle.

It's this progression of very deep healing where your personality and spirit get aligned and you have an effortless expression of your truth arise in the world and feel more deeply happy/at peace. And you can't tell how it happened because there is an effortless quality to it.
4 drops, 4 times a day. It's mind-blowing.

Your custom consult takes about an hour and costs $165, which includes your first formula shipped to your door.

When you work with flower essences, the longer you've had a condition or challenge, the longer you can expect the formula needs to be taken. The first formula is usually followed 1-3 months before we change to a new potion.
We are peeling layers.

There is an art to knowing what layers, what issues, need to be addressed first to allow deeper healing to happen.
Ideally you plan to go through a full year of custom essence for a profound level of alignment to take place. You will have shifts begin from the very first drop.


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