Owlchemist, Healer, Mentor, Hag

I didn’t come here for some soul lesson, to learn something. I came here to heal the chasm between the Seen and the Unseen – to wake humans from the poisonous sleep of their forgetting – to be a beacon in the foul dark to all those that have not truly lost their memory but merely need the loving rage of a Hag to rouse the fiery truth of their own spirit and call them Home.

There is a world beyond the one most people see.

It is there, pulsing underneath what we call “reality”.
It is the world you encounter when you reclaim your magic – when you gather back the pieces of yourself you have lost, given away, or had taken – when you awaken to the pulsing Intelligence that radically transcends the enclosure of the human realm.
The journey is one of coming to awareness of the reality beneath the human-created, then cultivating the capacity and skillfulness to meet that reality and boldly live what you truly are.
It’s the world not of enlightenment, but of Savage Awakening – the world where magic, power, and wisdom thrive – ancient and alive.


I am, first and foremost, a Hag.
I have always lived at the edge of society and spend my days in study, contemplation, and in communion with nature and the Spirits.
What this means for you is that I can very likely help you.
With what you may ask?
With awakening more to the Life that is calling you – that pull you feel or that unexplainable sadness or that wild howl that surges in your chest.
That’s the beauty of Hags – we understand how and why people get lost. We can see into you and see into the threads of your life. We know how to ask and who to ask and what to ask. And we might ask on your behalf if you ask us to.
I take the best of the human and the not-human, science and nature and the Spirits, and help you find the doorways and learn the tools and make the changes that will help you find the thing that you are seeking, or that is seeking you.

I was born different – legs in braces, a strong personality even as a baby, profound insights and interests that freaked my mom out, doing my first energy healing at the age of four. At seven years old I dedicated myself to this path and began a life-long dive into study, learning, a dizzying spectrum of life-experience, and tens of thousands of hours spent helping others. I bring this learning and deep insight to the people I work with.

I am wild but aware. I care deeply for your well-being and your truth. And I know beyond knowing that the fear that keeps people from finding their way is constructed of lies and smallness. I do not have much respect for the limits professed from these lies and smallness. And that can make working with me quite scary.

I will help you find your way. It will require, from you, an honesty you may not know you are capable of and a courage you may not feel you have.  The work is yours, alone, to do, but having a Hag as an ally can be a game-changer.

I have spent my entire life creating and collecting tools, frameworks, skills, cultivating perception, deepening spiritual gifts, and growing my capacity to help you arrive in the place that has been calling to you.

I work in the tradition and wisdom of my ancestors. My path is informed by the Earth and the Spirits. Though I am forged of Fire and Ice, and have Giant blood in my veins, I can work with you wherever you are, as I’ve spent decades studying and experiencing many traditions and beliefs.

I understand being human from cells to soul and I understand being more-than/other-than human. I use my knowledge and Sight to help people in their journey of healing, of understanding, and, ultimately, of reclaiming their magic and living from the Primal heartbeat of Life itself.

I work best with the magic ones, the wild ones, the healers, the ones who have fallen between the cracks, the ones who have a thrumming call deep within their hearts, the Witches and the Wyrdos.

I was born a Hag. I will die a Hag. Perhaps I can help you while I’m between these two states?


I am grateful to my first teachers, Spider and Wind, for teaching me about energy and for showing me the deep, wondrous beauty of this life. I am grateful to Cedar for giving me my first lesson: to listen. I am grateful to rattlesnake for teaching me about gentleness and power and transmuting poisons. I am grateful to the Dream Teachers who have come to me since I was a child and taught me steadily and profoundly and often with humor. I am grateful to Them the Good Neighbors and profoundly grateful to the Ancestors.

Because of you all I have never been alone in this world. Because of you all my heart still beats.